Main Speaker - November 2015

“IH 635 / LBJ Managed Lanes”

 Presented by: 
 Mansoor Ahsan, P.E. 
 Bridgefarmer & Associates, Inc. 

Bridgefarmer led design of the IH 635 / LBJ Managed Lanes, a high profile PPP mega-project in Dallas, which was recently completed three months earlier than originally scheduled. Mr. Ahsan will illustrate how ingenuity, originality and true innovation on the part of the civil engineers designing this project led to its successful completion. He will discuss:

  • The reasons behind the decision to excavate rather than tunnel this 18-mile long corridor;
  • The use of repeatable elements for bridges;
  • Massive amount of utility relocation in a highly developed urban setting;
  • Drainage design for a depressed roadway, including allowing existing drainage channels to continue their flow via viaducts crossing between the depressed managed lanes and the general purpose lanes bridge decks;
  • Extremely complex traffic control for a construction zone that handled 250,000 cars per day, and
  • The cantilevered “U-section” and method of creating bridges right under the tires of all this traffic, with drivers mostly unaware of this feat, other than knowing that they were in a construction zone.



M. Mansoor Ahsan, P.E., earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Structural Engineering from Bradley University in Peoria, IL and went on to study management programs at Dale Carnagie Management School and the Harvard Business School. During his early career he designed highway and railroad bridges all over the U.S., ultimately becoming a registered civil and structural engineer in 13 U.S. states to date.

In 2002, Mr. Ahsan became the Chief Executive Officer of Bridgefarmer & Associates, Inc., a Dallas, Texas-based civil engineering firm. He and Bridgefarmer have been a part of several of the most high-profile design-build projects in north and central Texas worth over a combined $7 billion in construction costs: LBJ Freeway Managed Lanes (the topic of this presentation); DFW Connector; SH 130 Tollway, and the DART Orange Line Expansion. These experiences led Mr. Ahsan to become an expert in the implementation of alternate delivery transportation projects, particularly those in Texas. He is a member of several engineering and civic societies.